How We Work With Other Advisors

Putting in place the right team of advisors requires time, insight, and skill. One of the reasons you are successful is because you have had the benefit of skilled advisors. As you continue to grow your business and begin to think about how to eventually transition ownership, additional expertise will be needed. Having advisors with the right expertise is not enough. Each advisor must also be a team player and be willing to be proactive in working with your other advisors as an advocate for you.

We strongly believe that your current trusted advisors should remain in that position because long-term relationships should be preserved. They have a great deal of information about you and your business that has been gathered over many years. More importantly, you trust them. We respect those relationships and encourage them to remain on your team. Because we define trusted advisors as those who are looking out for your best interests, you can count on them to tell you where their expertise ends and where additional expertise is welcome.

Sometimes advisors with special skills need to be added to your team, not as a replacement, but as an enhancement to the expertise that you have already assembled. For instance, your accountant might be very knowledgeable about tax preparation, always files on time, and offers helpful tax-savings ideas. However, he or she might not have significant experience with tax planning as it relates to negotiating ownership transition. This is a highly specialized area that might warrant additional expertise on your team.

We are in a position to introduce you to professionals who will add value to your team, enhancing the expertise that already exists. And, as a part of our service, we stand ready to make those important introductions. Once your team is identified, we set the agenda and host periodic meetings where we bring all your key advisors together to share information about their role in your growth or ownership transition process. All advisors leave with a clear agenda for what they need to do to move your strategy forward. These gatherings also promote a proactive approach between those meetings, saving you time and money so you can continue to focus on the running of your business.

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