The more informed you are, the more likely you will be to make the right decisions as you grow your business and plan for ownership transition.  We make every effort to educate you enough so that you can remain in charge of the process.  The articles, books, and Intro Guides will help you and your advisors to make informed decisions, and, will alert you to issues that you might not have recognized.  Print out the articles, take the book list to the book store, and contact us to request a copy of the Intro Guides.

50 ways to leave your business. Really, 50 ways?

Actually there are 34 ways to leave your business, from family transfers and charitable trusts to ESOPs and third party sales or mergers. Choosing the right method can mean enjoying the future you’ve imagined, while a misstep can literally cost you a fortune. A successful business transition starts with sound planning long before you’re ready to leave your business. It can take several years to maximize a company’s value in a way that will support the post-transition lifestyle you want, so it’s critical to start today.

White Papers

"Value Creation in Middle-Market Buyouts: A Transaction-Level Analysis"
by John L. Chapman, American Enterprise Institute and Peter G. Klein, University of Missouri.

"Basic Fiduciary Guidance for the ESOP Trustee in Corporate Finance Transactions"
by Robert E. Brown and Tabitha M. Croscut

"Tax Impacts on Negotiating the Deal Structuring, Unique Techniques & More" by Christian W. Blees

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