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Recently, EPI has introduced a new initiative to create an archive of interesting articles and research relevant to the practice of exit planning. The first set of articles comes from Family Business Review (FBR), a peer-reviewed journal published by the Family Firm Institute (FFI). FFI is the pre-eminent education and research organization for family business enterprise and FBR is their flagship publication.

FFI has generously approved complimentary distribution to EPI members of nine FBR articles published in 2012 and 2013. The articles and specific links to each are listed below.

For more information on Family Firm Institute and Family Business Review, go to ffi.org.


The Most Trusted Advisor and the Subtle Advice Process in Family Firms
Family Business Review 2013 26: 293-313

Entrepreneurial Risk Taking of Private Family Firms: The Influence of a Nonfamily CEO and the Moderating Effect of CEO Tenure
Family Business Review 2013 26: 161-179

Game Theory and Family Business Succession: An Introduction
Family Business Review 2013 26: 51-67

From Longevity of Firms to Transgenerational Entrepreneurship of Families: Introducing Family Entrepreneurial Orientation
Family Business Review 2012 25: 136-155

Faster Route to the CEO Suite: Nepotism or Managerial Proficiency?
Family Business Review 2012 25: 206-224

Assessing Espoused Goals in Private Family Firms Using Content Analysis
Family Business Review 2012 25: 298-317

The Role of Selected Team Design Elements in Successful Sibling Teams
Family Business Review 2012 25: 191-205

Emotional Ownership: The Next Generation’s Relationship With the Family Firm
Family Business Review 2012 25: 374-390

How Does Knowledge Sharing Among Advisors From Different Disciplines Affect the Quality of the Services Provided to the Family Business Client? An Investigation From the Family Business Advisor’s Perspective
Family Business Review 2013 26: 256-270

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