Exit Planning Institute North Texas Chapter Social

Date:  June 8, 2017  4:30- 6:30
Place: Nick and Sam's, 8111 Preston Rd, Dallas 75225  (Preston Center SW corner)
Members: $15; Non-Members $20
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"Working Capital - What You Don't Know Can Sabotage the Transaction"

Date: July 14, 2017  7:30-9:00
Place: Salmon Sims Thomas CPAs, 12720 Hillcrest Rd, Suite 900 Dallas, TX 75230
Members: $15; Non-Members $20
Speakers:  Monty Walker and Robert Rough

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" Could Exit Planning Have Saved This Family and its Business"

Date: August 11, 2017  7:30- 9:00
Place: Salmon Sims Thomas CPAs, 12720 Hillcrest Rd, Suite 900, Dallas, TX 75230
Members: $15; Non-Members $20
Speakers: Doug Box, Interviewed by Mariann Montgomery
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"Business Value for Exit Planning-Triggers Drivers Approaches"

Date: September 8, 2017  7:30-9:00
Place: Salmon Sims Thomas CPAs , Suite 900, Dallas 75230
Members: $15  Non-Members- $20
Speakers: Chris Mercer
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Common Questions

What if I already have a financial advisor? Can I still become a client?
Yes. We recognize that many business owners already have a relationship with a financial advisor. Some financial advisors prefer to do little or no planning, but are very knowledgeable about insurance and investment solutions. Some advisors are not permitted to prepare non-product related financial analysis for a fee.  Or, they are not permitted to provide revised financial analysis which we will need as we continue to work with you.   Others do have the capability to provide significant, up-front, in-depth analysis which we will need. Regardless, we will augment the services that your advisor provides and work with him or her at the level of his/her service-offering capabilities. If you do not already have a relationship with a financial advisor, we would be pleased to make an introduction.

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Your services are very comprehensive. What if I have an issue that requires immediate attention?  Can you help me at the point where I need help now?
Yes- we can and often do. We ask for your patience and assistance as we gather the information we need in order to give you our best advice.

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How are you compensated?
We are compensated in a number of ways, depending on the service we are providing. We begin with basic data gathering to determine your current position and what needs to be done. In this phase we charge a contract fee for specific deliverables, so you know exactly what you are committing to pay and what the deliverables will be. Once we have a clear picture of your current situation and goals, we will quote a contract fee for specific deliverables, or, we can work on an hourly rate.

If your goal is to leave your business through a third party sale, we are in a position to introduce you to experienced, successful mergers and acquisitions professionals. In fact, after we have worked with you to grow your business, it is important that we help you here in order to maximize the success of the work we have done together. If they are successful in getting your sale to closing, and we anticipate that they will be, they can pay us a consulting fee for the work we have done to assist them and you in getting your transaction to closing.

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Do you work with business owners outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth Area?
We currently accept clients throughout Texas and would consider working with clients outside of the state, depending on the circumstances.

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What kind of businesses do you work with?
Our clients are in manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and business to business services. Generally, main street retail and restaurants would not benefit from our service offerings.

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What size businesses do you work with?
Our best clients have a burning desire to create real personal wealth. That means that they view their business as an asset to be nurtured and grown just like any other asset on their personal balance sheet, rather than only a generator of income. Generally, our clients’ businesses have gross revenues of $5 to $25MM. However, we can and do sometimes work with clients whose revenues are lower or higher than those parameters.

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How do you obtain most of your clients?
Joan is frequently an invited guest speaker. Several of our clients met us as a result of Joan’s speaking engagements. Others are referred by their attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, mergers and acquisition professionals, business valuations professionals, other professionals, and business owners.  

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Can I speak with any of your clients if I am considering becoming a client?
Yes, some of our clients would be happy to speak with you about their experience with us. Some of our clients are very private and request that we respect their privacy.

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